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Guide To Choose Web Hosting
by Jastor Pran

With such an overwhelming number of web hosting companies
offering such a wide variety of services, it is very
difficult to find the best web-hosting package for you. So
try not to take a hasty decision and sign up with any
web-hosting provider. Instead, first find out what web
hosting features are essential so that you have a better
idea of the web-hosting package that's best for your needs.

Although free hosting is hot right now, it isn't the best
thing going. Many free web-hosting services are reliable and
dependable, but sadly, they are more often down than they're
up. Moreover, many free web-hosting providers offer only a
minimum of services for free and charge for expanded
services. Still, if you are just starting out or only want
personal home pages, a free web hosting service could be
great for your needs. Just do a little research to make sure
they provide good support and have a reputation for being
reliable, 24/7.

When you look out for the web-hosting package, the first
thing you should know is the disk space. If you are in the
process to have an extensive web site then your disk space
requirements will be very high. The set limit usually ranges
from 5 MB to 300+ MB. So keep a check that even if your
company is amateur, the chosen web hosting company grows
along with you in the near future.

You also need to take into account email accounts when
signing up for a web-hosting package. Make sure you have
enough email addresses to get started, and that you aren't
being charged for more than you need. Again, know how many
you need, but choose a web hosting service that can offer as
many as you need as you grow and know what the charges for
additional email accounts will be.

One of the main things to consider when choosing a web
hosting service is the support they provide. Most people
who have websites aren't all that tech-savvy and will need
great support for their technical issues. You want to be
sure that any web hosting package you sign up for includes
24/7 support--and check into their reputation for downtime.
As mentioned earlier, a web hosting service that's down a
lot can cost you a tremendous amount of money in sales if
your website is a business one. So make sure they provide
good, reliable, professional technical support before you
sign up for their web hosting service.

So for a final look there are few important web-hosting
features, which can be included in your package, or you may
require them at the time of expansion.

FrontPage extensions
FTP directory
Daily backups
Hit counter
Website statistics
Redirect URL
File manager
Shopping cart
Access logs
Mailing Lists
Customized error messages
Unlimited bandwidth
Your own CGI-BIN
Site search engine

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