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Lessons From a Stage Mom: How to Encourage Your Child~s
by Eve

Every parent thinks their child is the smartest, cutest,
and most talented rug rat that the world has ever seen.
It is not unusual for parents to rave over their offspring,
but in the end, all parents just want what is best for
their children. Concerning this latter comment, all
parents should take careful note to encourage their
children~s dreams and interests and not relive personal
goals or missed opportunities. Some children drift towards
athletics whereas others will be lured to the stage.

If your child shows interest in acting, take steps towards
nurturing his or her growing hobby. Before you pack up the
family and head for Hollywood, remember children are fickle
by nature. Of course some children who catch the acting bug
will enter into the field, but the majority of young actors
will turn to other outlets as their interest fizzles.
Regardless if they intend to spend one season of a lifetime
exploring this interesting creative outlet, encouraging your
child to embrace their acting tendencies will reinforce
necessary skills later on in their development.

Acting brings out creativity and imagination, as colorful
characters from far-away places spring to life.
Additionally, acting will encourage your child to
understand emotions and introduce your child to plays
ranging from classic children~s stories to modern

When your child shows interest in acting, explore
opportunities locally. Community theatres often
offer workshops or productions geared specifically for
children who are interested in acting. In many cases, your
child~s school may be an excellent resource, as many
schools annually have productions featuring the student
body. Many of these productions are open to children of all
ages, as different plays have need of actors of all ages.
If your child expresses deeper interest into acting, you
may want to consider enrolling him or her in private or
group acting lessons. These lessons allow an instructor to
work with your child either in an individual or group
setting so that he or she may learn more about acting.

In addition to participating in workshops, lessons, and
productions, take this opportunity to share in your child~s
interest. Support your child to write his or her own
script and have your family perform the finished work.
Enjoy a day at the theater and watch professional actors
perform kid-friendly works. In many occasions, theaters
cater to children and allow budding actors to meet the cast
and ask them questions. Even a trip to the movies can be
an interactive experience as you can instigate conversation
about the actors, plot, or effects. Ask your child how he
or she would respond to a key moment or handle a critical
situation. Finally, embrace your child~s interest by
becoming interested. Whether you read plays or simply
watch your child perform in his or her own creation, you
are encouraging his or her success. In the end, it does
not matter if your son or daughter goes on to become a star
or goes on to pursue another interest, ensure he or she
retains the most important aspect of the experience: your
constant support, encouragement, and involvement.

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