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Television An Addict- Or Is It?
by Ryan Ferchenholf

People all over the world and especially in America love
watching television. Almost all Americans have at least one
television' Actually, more than ninety eight percent
Americans own a television, to be exact. They spend a
fairly large part of their lives watching it. Put simply,
television is not just a part of our lives but a very
influential part of our lives.

So with this kind of penetration across the consumer
landscape it is not surprising that sooner-or-later
someone would come up with the brilliant idea of, not
only advertising on television-that is obvious and
something that has been done for years-but the
concept of television infomercials. This allows the
target, a potential customer, to indulge one of his or her
favorite pastimes-that of watching television-while
simultaneously learning about something he or she
might well be interested in purchasing.

In this case that is your product or service. Whatever it
is that you are trying to sell, the television gives you
reason to strongly believe that your product or service
is the perfect candidate for a television infomercial.
Every business can benefit from a skillfully devised
Direct Response marketing campaign, and yours is no
exception, no matter how small it is. With the right
television infomercial, you could be counting yourself
up there with the big boys of advertising sooner than
you think!

Whether you decide to opt for a full 30 minute spot, or
a shorter ten-minute infomercial, or whether you've
chosen local or network TV, or whether you choose to
host it yourself or pay one of the specialty hosts, you
can be sure of astounding results for your business
the phones will literally start ringing at the moment that
you begin the infomercial and that is the whole idea!
When you choose a company to help you with your
Television infomercial, be sure to ask plenty of
questions. Take a look at its client list. Anyone you
know ensure they can show you real results of sales
they have made for these clients [particularly with
packages that you are considering buying? And if you
can, try and talk to some of the clients to find out about
their Direct Response experience. We're confident
you'll love the results.

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