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Ways to save money on travel tickets
by Michael Greenroyd

Anytime you are looking to travel no matter what the
occasion you want to find the most inexpensive way to do so.
Whether it is going to be by bus or by plane finding a
discount on travel tickets may not be as difficult as you
may anticipated.

If you have already figured out your traveling preference
whether it is by land or air then you are ready to see what
kind of deals you can find. If you prefer to travel by air
then your options may be endless. Airline tickets are highly
competitive and there are usually a variety of airlines to
select from.

Purchasing airline tickets online is the most convenient way
to save you money on airline tickets. Start your search and
find the web sites that will compare the rates of some of
the most popular competitors in airfare. These web sites
will do the searching for you and give the prices of some of
the cheapest deals around. Not everyone is instantly
satisfied with the options presented to them. This is where
you need to find a way to offer a price that you are happy
with. If you have found a web site that gives you an
opportunity to make your own price you may be able to save
more. Don't be over zealous and suggest an amount that is
extremely lower then the lowest price found. Before you do
this make sure this is exactly the time you want to travel
and where you really plan on going. This option may be
available, but once it is offered to you that is all you are
going to get. There is rarely an opportunity to upgrade,
exchange, change the date or get a refund on these tickets.
So be absolutely positive of your decision before you start.
Also you must be willing to travel very early in the morning
or late at night. If you are ok with all of this then you
are on your way to saving more money. To make you search
more successful try not to under bid the lowest rate by too

If you are not one to get on a plane don't worry taking the
bus is becoming a popular alternative to traveling. It can
save you lots of cash, especially on trips of a short
distance. There are bus companies that offer a discounted
rate on trips that are of low mileage. If you are looking to
travel alone you will save money, but if you are taking
someone along then you might want to purchase you tickets in
advance. There is usually a special called companion fare.
This is when you're traveling partner rides for free. This
is offered if you are not traveling far away and you buy
your tickets a week ahead of your travel date. If you are
going it alone or traveling far find out if there are any
monthly specials. This could also save you some cash if you
are not set on traveling at a specific time.

When you are looking to travel it shouldn't put a hole in
your wallet. After all you want to save as much as you can
so you will have extra spending cash during your trip. Just
remember that finding discount tickets for your next trip
can be easier then you originally thought.

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