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What Can A DVD Not Do?
by Gareth Thompkinson

As retail chains stop stocking video recorders it perhaps
now the time to look at the alternative. This lies in the
far more flexible DVD which is capable of storing far more
data of a better quality than video tape could ever manage.
It's possible for even most technically fearful of us to
achieve wonderful results by investing in a DVD writer and
a lead to link it to our video recorder or camcorder. Where
do you start and what is achievable?

1~First you must transfer all your valuable VHS tapes to
DVD. This isn't a difficult task if you have a DVD writer;
all you will need to do is to connect this to your VCR or
camcorder and in no time your precious pictures will be
transferred for ever (well, at present a DVD is expected to
last between thirty and one hundred years). There are
different types of DVD and it is important to buy the one
you need:
a.~You can buy rewritable DVDs (DVD RW) that will allow
you to use the disc over and over again.
b.~Alternatively you can use 'once only' DVDs that can
never be recorded over.
c.~It is possible to buy a double layer DVD that holds
additional storage.

2~It's possible to cut the frames that you don't like.
Perhaps someone is pulling a funny face or perhaps the
camera has been left running by mistake. Such editing is
relatively simple and once you are used to the procedure
you will soon get to feel at home with the idea of editing
and become quite a professional!

3~You can enhance the quality of the sound by adding your
own background music which you can fade in and out and use
different pieces. It's also possible to write yourself a
script to go with your pictures and produce your own voice

4~You can write your opening and closing credits and any
other witty captions that you feel could add something to
the finished film.

5~It's also possible to combine photos with camcorder
footage in order to create your own, unique slideshow. Such
a DVD could create a wonderful present that would become a
valued treasure of a relative or loved one.

6~You can design your own labels and even buy printers for
a modest sum that can make the DVD look totally unique and
professional. When they are then presented in a
professional box, again, with a card for pictures or
credits, you will have a package that has the potential for
being professional enough to market.

In short, someone working on their lap top computer in
front of the television can produce a DVD that looks as
professional as one bought from retailer and produced on a
commercial basis. This really hasn't pleased the video
industry as there are many professional people making their
livings at home rather than with the big companies that
used to employ so many.

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