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How to Choose a Great Movie Rental
by Lewis Tipton

Many people end up at the movie rental store and
are at a loss at what to rent. Since there are so many
movies to choose from it can sometimes be
confusing making the right choice for your money.
You can, of course, make your way to the current
movies that have just been released but many times
you~ll have already seen the movie in the theater.
Or maybe all the newly released movies don~t catch
your interest. Sometimes finding just the right
movie, that isn~t a Hollywood hit, can be a
challenging task.

Decide what genre of movie that you want to see
before you go to the video store to rent one. This
way you~ll have some idea of what you~re looking
for ahead of time. The Internet is a great source of
information with websites that will give you many
movie ideas. Some of your choices include drama,
romance, action, comedy, and horror.

If there are several movies that you are interested in
watching but you~re not sure which one to choose,
checking reviews online is a great way to see what
others have thought of each movie. You can find
sites with plenty if reviews written by professional
movie critics, or reviews done by average movie-
goers. Most sites will also offer an average rating
so you don~t need to read each of the reviews.

Checking your local paper is also great way to find
out the newest releases and what critics thought of
them. If you~re someone who loves to have seen all
the latest flicks this is the perfect way to stay on top
of what~s new and hot.

Foreign films, as well as independent films, are
often a good choice of rental and you~ll find many
good choices in the video store. For those hard to
find movies you~ll have to frequent video stores that
specialize in obscure films. Most big cities will
have these types of video stores but for those cities
that don~t there are movie rental websites online
that you can rent from for a small fee.

You may be unsure about what foreign and
independent films to watch. Once again you can
look on the Internet at movie review sites for ideas.
There are some movie websites that have the ability
to recommend movies that you may enjoy watching
based on information that you provide about what
previous movies you~ve already watched. You~ll be
exposed to some directors and movie producers that
you haven~t heard of before.

Choosing a movie rental that will do more than
simply waste a few hours of your time will only
take a few minutes of research on the Internet or by
browsing a newspaper. This will expose you to
some excellent movies that you may never have
thought of to rent.

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