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Check Movies Reviews Before Spending Your Money
by Althea Biscant

There's nothing more disappointing that seeing the
previews for a movie and thinking it will be a blast.
You get there, spend your hard-earned money, and then
discover that you don't like the movie after all. Or,
you get to the theater or rental store, and nothing
looks appealing. You can avoid this problem by checking
out the reviews before you go.

When a new movie comes out and you think you may want to
see it, check out the reviews. One reviewer probably
won't have the exact same idea you have about the movie,
but if you read several reviews, you should get a good
idea of whether or not you think the movie's for you.

A good review will have the basic plot summary laid out
for you and let you know who will be in the picture. Then,
of course, the reviewer will share what he or she thought
of the movie and typically will rate it. Different
publications have different rating systems, but you
should get an idea of how well it does. Many people use
ratings and decide whether they'll see a specific movie
based solely on how it rates.

Ebert and Roper are the most popular of movie rewiewers.
Ebert, once part of Siskel and Ebert, is one of the most
trusted names in movie reviews. Ebert and Roper always
check out every movie coming out. They offer detailed
reviews, and although you may not agree with all of their
feedback, you will probably have a good idea of whether
the movie's for you or not.

Reviews come out for all types of movies from horror to
romantic comedy. Some movies, like action, never get very
good reviews. Instead, they get mediocre reviews
because their audience typically doesn't look for a plot
to blow them away. Action films are one are where you may
want to trust your instinct instead of checking with the

Dramas and suspense are two categories that can receive
high marks. Those that stick with fairly traditional plots
that the reviewers find plausible will do the best. If it
strays or if it doesn't create intrigue and concern over
the characters, reviewers won't typically find that this
movie fit their expectations.

People who review children's movies typically are looking
for something a little different. They get rated on a
scale, but there are not the heavy expectations for the
ratings as with other movies. These reviewers try to keep
children in mind and let parents know what's appropriate
and not in the movie.

Movies are a great source of entertainment. There are
some movies that the whole family can enjoy together.
You can take a break and check out a movie. You can see
a movie with a friend and talk about it afterward. Movies
allow you time not to think about the problems in your
life but to try to get your mind away from them.

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